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The first fantasy series from Maree Kettle, The Tal-Ra Scrolls follows the lives of Alani and Marron, a weaver and her assistant, as they carve a place for themselves within the cutthroat world of the city's many bazaars. The past has other plans, however, and the two find themselves fighting for the peace they've found. Their adventures will take them across harsh deserts, sheer mountains, flagstone back streets and under a sparkling oasis...

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Leader of Hundreds (Book 1) Draft 1
The Truth Trader (Book 2) Draft 1

Leader of Hundreds

The Tal Ra Scrolls, Book 1

All Marron wanted was to stay out of the limelight. To continue his busy, humdrum work with his weaving friend, Alani, and then visit his friends Bareis and Kayur at the end of the day for a round of betting.

However, both past and future keep trying to pull him back into the life he left behind. The one where he served as one of twenty generals in the Royal Zeoian Army. As tensions rise in his village between the Zeoians and the superpowered ‘Tal-Ra’ or ‘people born yesterday’, Marron has no choice but to trade his peaceful existence and re-enter the arena of his nightmares – once a leader, always a leader.

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A Message From Maree.


Maree Kettle

Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Author

Maree Kettle was born in Sheffield, United Kingdom but spent most of her life living in South-East Asia and Australia. After spending several years working as an Occupational Therapist, she decided to pursue her dream of novel writing and is in the throes of creating her first book series.
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